pl Qbikon Studio
Jan Nowak
Full reports on posted trainings
Periodic analysis and interpretation of results
Possibility to provide additional data, depending on the customer’s needs.
Easy data export for further analysis.
Presentation of the results 01

The ability to check the statistics of all completed tests with the number of points obtained from the User level, download reports on the time of test completion and the automatic function of generating a certificate after completing the training and test at the level set by the Ordering Party.

Segmentation and filtering 02

The ability to display reports with results and extensive statistics for supervisors, broken down into specific training, persons, and groups of users. The statistical panel provides access to information on the quality of the prepared training base.

Difficulty level analysis 03

Reports showing the exact results and times of training and testing, also provide information about the questions that caused the most problems for users. This allows for an even more precise adjustment of the level of difficulty to the group of recipients.

Data export 04

The possibility to export data for further processing. - There is an option for our team of analysts to prepare a comprehensive summary of a specific stage or period in the form of a presentation with an interpretation of the results.

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